Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel Review

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This maybe the oddest name and beauty product that I have ever heard of, but you cannot judge a book by its cover. I’m glad I did not because this gel has made my hair and body sparkle beautifully. It has all day lasting affect and it does not make a mess. So loves if you love glitter then I suggest you continue reading!

Where Did I Find This Product


I found it on one of my many trips to Tilly’s at first I picked it up out of pure curiosity and I laughingly showed it to my friends, but the more I laughed at it the more I genuinely became curious about this product and wondered about its effects so on that day in the middle of summer I bought it. I set it out with the other various items I bought from Tilly’s. I applied a little to my front baby hairs (still had my braids at this time) and turned my head a couple of times and I was very satisfied with the product.

How Do I Use This Product


When I feel like going out to a special get together or boost my self-esteem. I apply a little with my fan brush along the line of my cheek bones as a highlighter. Along my collar bone for extra classiness and rub a little in my hair to really pronounce how much of a shimmering goddess I am. I’ve so far only used the silver one but for costumes and festivals I believe I will buy and use more of the colors. This product lasts all day and washes off easily in the shower so if you are worried about a mess it’s ok you won’t have one. The Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel is going on my list of must haves and I suggest you loves try it for yourselves! Have you already tried it or do you use another glitter body gel? Go ahead and tell me about it!

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