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Hi Loves! I'm Lalay And Welcome To My Blog!

Hi! I'm Lalay an aspiring beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. Someday I hope to achieve to be a full-time beauty blogger but now I am part-time and loving it! I use this site to write blogs and reviews over beauty items such as: skincare products, makeup items, and accessories. I review everything from beauty products, hair care, nails, makeup, fashion, and more! You can trust my posts because I use these items everyday and present the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not only do I review products but I write posts on makeup trends, best skincare products for certain you,  and much more! I hope you enjoy my blog loves!

Where It All Began

In my younger years I was quite timid and had low self esteem so of course I turned to the world of beauty. I followed bloggers, watched YouTube tutorials, and liked Instagram pictures for months on end, but I found out some artists weren't quite true to their work. One day it would be this product I love and swear to and the next day it would be a different product for the same purposes that the writer would love and use nothing else, but that. I was very confused on what reviews I should trust and listen to and what would work for me. So I decided to fill in the shoes and try and blog myself.

I Blog For Lovelies Like You!

I try my very best to showcase the beauty products I have personally tried and love as well as tips, and trends. I really enjoy connecting with  others so it makes me quite happy that I have started this blog and I hope all of you lovelies enjoy it as well!