Makeup · 05. October 2017
I know all women struggle with having their makeup not stay in place and perfect all day, I personally used to have this problem as well. All you want is to have your freshly beaten makeup face look...well freshly beaten. This is why I'm so glad to have found NYX Matte Setting Spray!

Makeup · 15. September 2017
I usually go to my local beauty store and buy eyelashes. Even then I only wear eyelashes for special occasions, but these lashes are high quality, super inexpensive, and for every occasion!

Makeup · 06. September 2017
August was a wonderful month of beauty where everything was on sale and little beauty treasures were found. I have to share some beauty products I found with you because August may be over but these makeup products are absolutely timeless.

Makeup · 05. September 2017
This maybe the oddest name and beauty product that I have ever heard of, but you cannot judge a book by its cover. I’m glad I did not because this gel has made my hair and body sparkle beautifully. It has all day lasting affect and it does not make a mess. So loves if you love glitter then I suggest you continue reading!

Makeup · 28. August 2017
The summer is sadly coming to an end, and with it is our sun kissed glow makeup looks, but should we be worried? Of course not! We as women slay everyday through every season.