Skincare · 10. October 2017
This post is sponsored by JustHoneyBee's Handmade Cosmetics. They have wonderful natural made skincare products. I was honored to receive one of their very popular body sugar scrubs and I did a complete review over it!

Skincare · 01. September 2017
I like taking great care of myself especially my skin like all other women do. I do use a plethora of skincare products, which is not always good for your skin, but the products I use don’t cause irritation to my skin and I try to find and use all natural products that really install nutrients into your skin. I have oily skin which really is hard to maintain but these products really save me and these products are majority for all skin types.

Skincare · 30. August 2017
I know by the end of the week I am worn out and once some alone time with my own personal spa day, but sometimes I just don’t have enough money for the lovely facials and sea weed wraps I see at the beauty salons and I know you loves have been through the same thing or at least something similar. So I have made a low budget spa day routine and have included some of my favorite products to use and want to share them all with you!

Skincare · 28. August 2017
Coconuts are a wonderful thing to have in your life, especially coconut oil. I know loves you hear a lot of things about what coconut oil can do for you. Trust me I was like you once upon a time but I am so happy to have bought a whole jar of Raw Coconut Oil and use it in a month, and let me tell you the perks of having this beauty in your routine.