Spa Day On A Budget

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I know by the end of the week I am worn out and once some alone time with my own personal spa day, but sometimes I just don’t have enough money for the lovely facials and sea weed wraps I see at the beauty salons and I know you loves have been through the same thing or at least something similar. So I have made a low budget spa day routine and have included some of my favorite products to use and want to share them all with you!

Exfoliate Your Face


The first thing I do is exfoliate my face after a long week of caking on makeup and stressing through those long 7 days trust me your skin needs to be exfoliated. I am a true fan of Biore Acne Scrub it has charcoal particles in its ingredients and it is wonderful for oily skin, and it’s only $5.64 at your local Walmart or CVS Pharmacy. I wet my face first before putting a quarter sized drop in the palm of my hand and rubbing it all over my face especially my troubled areas. Make sure you rub thoroughly and in circles to get all the dirt from your pores. Be careful because keeping it on for too long will turn your skin red and it will become slightly irritated. After using this product my skin is completely refreshed. 

Mask On


I like to have my clay mask on and drying while I am sitting and relaxing in the bath. I swear by Masqueologies Charcoal Modeling Peel Off Mask also available at Walmart. It takes 20 minutes to dry and it peels off without ripping your skin completely off it leaves your skin feeling miraculously smooth. Of course if you are not into clay masks and prefer a nice mud mask instead I definitely recommend African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask it leaves your skin clean, bright, and smooth.

Detox Bath

A detox bath is a great way to cure your body of impurities. I love throwing limes, mint, and cucumbers into my bath it makes for a nice view and also produces a lot of nutrients for the body. While nicely situated in my bath tub I like to exfoliate my body with Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub. This product is exhilarating to the skin and leaves you nice and soft to the touch. You can use exfoliate gloves I just use a little brush I got from my local store and it works just as well. If you want to make the bath even more pleasing to the eye than get you a bath bomb love!


Your spa day is complete of course it doesn’t have to be for this is my routine. You can try it and add to it whatever you like and do whatever your heart demands. 

Your spa day is complete of course this is my routine and you don’t have to follow it to the T. You can add or take away or choose new products or get the products that most suit you. I just choose these products because they show the best results for low prices. I hope this article helps you; if you have any questions or suggestions just comment below loves!

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