JustHoneyBee's Wild Sugar Scrub Review

Hello Loves!
First, I would like to give a big thank you to JustHoneyBee's I really enjoyed using their Wild Sugar Body Scrub and I like it more than most factories produced products. I love the fact that it is fashionably homemade produced and you can tell they take the time to make it practical and beautiful!

Wild Sugar Body Scrub

I picked the product Wild Sugar because not only does it fit all body types, but the product is simply beautiful! It looks just like it does on the website pictures! The smell of the product is amazing that's probably what I love most about it since most body scrubs that I have used don't have a distinct smell or when they do it smells quite odd. Also when you receive it you will fall in absolute love with the packaging! I love it when small businesses actually care about their packaging! It comes in a nice shiny metallic box and inside has party polka dot wrapping and their very beautiful and professional business card. When you feel it it's a nice powder, not a clumpy mess. I now use this product instead of St Ives Scrubs and I do not have a single regret in switching.

A Few Things

I love the packaging and the container it's a very nice choice, but I took the jar into the shower with me and the lettering just rubbed off when I touched it with damp hands, now, of course, this is not the companies fault but mine for being so careless. The other quirk I found with this product is the smell does not last that long (I cry because of this) it smells so wonderful and I want it to last for hours not just half an hour. 


I really do love this product and enjoy using it after every shower. Again I want to give a big thank you to JustHoneyBee's Handmade Cosmetics click here for their website. What do you guys think will you try out their product? Do you like body scrubs? I would love to hear from you loves and don't forget to subscribe for more blog articles!

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