How NYX Setting Spray Changed My Makeup Game

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I know all women struggle with having their makeup not stay in place and perfect all day, I personally used to have this problem as well. All you want is to have your freshly beaten makeup face look...well freshly beaten. This is why I'm so glad to have found NYX Matte Setting Spray!

You may have had past experience with NYX cosmetics, if not then you are missing out love! I've mostly used NYX cosmetics eye shadow palettes, but when I was walking through Ulta Beauty and saw this on sale I thought why not? I was already in need of a setting spray and maybe this was fate. I bought it with my other assortment of skincare and makeup and the very next day I used it after doing a simple makeup look. I used at most 3 spritzes and did not touch or dab my face all day. After a long day of school, I came home to check myself in the mirror as I usually do and noticed my makeup was as nearly perfect as it was that morning. From then on I used it.

Compared to others such as Urban Decay's All Nighter it works just as well I have to say it's almost better because it's a cheaper alternative I bought it for 8 dollars at Ulta and I honestly just love it! I am ordering my second bottle online! Urban Decay's All Nighter would leave my skin with a dry residue feel and it was awful for my skin. NYX's setting spray will leave you with a light hold on your makeup it does not make your face feel so weighed down!

What do you ladies think of this product? Have you used it before or any other NYX products? What setting spray is your favorite? Comment down below I would love to hear!

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