How To Keep Fit Even On The Busy Days

Ladies I know it's hard to keep in shape especially between work, school, and or kids. Scheduling is sometimes a hassle, The app store is a sea of potential, and workout gurus just aren't completely relatable. I started working out just to get a toned body, and at first, I was motivated, but after a few weeks I started to slow down and started skipping days even with the help of my iPhone notifications. So like the investigative woman I am. I researched ways to keep track and found some success! 

Bullet Journal

The help of a Bullet Journal has motivated me quite a bit. Making a Bullet Journal is pretty easy it's great if you are an artistic and even if you aren't artsy there are tons of free printables online for you to work with it's super easy and fun to design your own custom workout routine. You then feel more motivated to tackle it head on!



Mornings before school and/or work are crucial for the workout it feels you with more energy and fuel than trying to exercise your body through any other time of the day. I use a wonderful app available in the Apple Store called WakeOut. You set a convenient alarm for yourself and do a series of short and easy workout to get you prepped for the day, the best part is you do not need any workout equipment and it only takes about 5 minutes!

How do you feel about working out? Do you always have time to workout? Have you started a workout routine or are you restarting one?

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