August Makeup Collection

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August was a wonderful month of beauty where everything was on sale and little beauty treasures were found. I have to share some beauty products I found with you because August may be over but these makeup products are absolutely timeless. 

Style Essentials Nude Eye & Lip Set


I found this product in my local Rugged Warehouse I was interested in the style of the eye palette and the lip crayon so I picked it up. I was quite happy when I used it. I created my whole spring eye shadow look off of this one palette. The palette is not too strongly pigmented as I am used to but they still have a nice and noticeable color to them. The lip crayon I mix and use with other color sense the pink is a little too pale for my taste but it does go on all nicely and lasts throughout the day. 

Burt Bees Blush Basin Lipstick


I found this little treasure in Walmart while shopping for my favorite toner and exfoliate scrubs if you would like to know what those are then check out my post AM to PM Skincare Routine. Burt Bees has a wide variety of color of lipsticks I just picked a nice blush color to not be too dramatic while trying the product. This lipstick really does moisturize your lips and makes them so soft and pigmented. This product has honestly became my go to lipstick whenever I run off for class or just going out in general.

The Balm Matte Mini Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

I picked this up at the end of August and never quite got around to using it since I was doing natural lips for about a week, but when I found it cleaning out my makeup pouch I was super happy because this product has to be my favorite out of everything that I have found in August. These little liquid lipsticks are scented, yes I repeat SCENTED, and they are not that sickening sweet bubblegum pop lip balms you had as a little girl, no these are lightly and seductively sweet and are great for your lips. It goes on smooth and the color is rich for your lips. I believe the Balm is underrated and they keep on outdoing themselves and deserve better recognition. I really do love this product and I hope you loves try it out!



August really presented me with great goodies so I hope September does the same, but of course I will use these products throughout the year no matter what and I hope you guys will do the same. What beauty goodies did you lovelies find during August? Comment below I would love to hear about them!

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